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 Doing Business with Us

Vision: National Supplier Diversity leverages Kaiser Permanente's buying power to make a sustainable impact on the total health of the communities we serve.

Strategy: Contribute to Total Health by using a comprehensive approach to supplier diversity to create community wealth, generate good jobs and work opportunities, and support the development of businesses that can spur economic development, which creates better health outcomes in the communites we serve.

Doing Business With Us

 Prospective Suppliers

Kaiser Permanente requires that all prospective suppliers meet certain minimum qualifications. These requirements may vary by product and service type. The common elements are:

Potential construction contractors and subcontractors must meet additional requirements, including participation in a pre-qualification process, provided when interacting with our National Facilities Services department.

What We Look For In Suppliers

We seek suppliers that can collaborate with us and excel in the following areas:

  • Assurance of Supply
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Cost Savings
  • Customer Focus
  • Diversity

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • High Quality Standards
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Service Excellence
Our Purchases

Click on text to expand the list of products/services.

Medical Products and Services

Dental Equipment and Supplies (Northwest Region only)
Diagnostic Imaging Equipment and Supplies
Diagnostic Test Kits, Reagents and Supplies
Dietary Services
Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Laboratory Chemicals
Medical and Health Services
Medical Equipment and Supplies
Ophthalmic Equipment and Instruments
Optical Lab Equipment and Supplies
Orthopedic Equipment and Supplies
Physical Therapy Equipment
Surgical Instruments and Supplies

Non-Medical Products and Services

Advertising Services
Architectural Services
Art Services
Asset Management
Audio Visual Equipment
Biomedical Engineering Equipment, Services and Supplies
Building Management Equipment, Services and Supplies
Catering Services
Clothing and Uniforms
Computer and Data Processing Equipment, Services and Software
Construction Equipment, Services and Supplies
Copier Equipment and Supplies
Courier Services
Engineering Services and Supplies
Ergonomic Products and Supplies
Financial Services
Freight Moving Equipment and Services
Furniture and Fixtures
Housekeeping Equipment and Supplies
Information Technology (equipment and services)
Interior Design Services
Legal Services
Linen Services and Supplies
Mailing Equipment, Services and Supplies
Marketing Services
Material Handling Equipment and Supplies
Office Equipment and Supplies
Paper Products
Photographic Equipment and Supplies (non-radiographic)
Printing, Graphic Design and Bindery
Promotional Materials
Public Relations Services
Security Services
Telecommunications Equipment, Services and Supplies
Temporary Personnel Services
Translation Services
Transportation Services
Travel Services
Vehicles (includes maintenance)
Waste Disposal Products and Services


All prospective diverse suppliers/service providers are required to register on our portal. Registration includes providing your company’s basic business information and uploading certification documents to validate your diverse ownership. It is important to complete all requested information and include your marketing materials.

Registration National Supplier Diversity

Note: Registration in the supplier portal does not guarantee a business opportunity, place your company on an approved vendor list, or obligate Kaiser Permanente to solicit requests for bids, quotations or proposals. Registration does, however, give Kaiser Permanente decision makers access to your company’s information when conducting supplier searches so that they may contact you regarding upcoming opportunities.

Click here to register your business:

Supplier Registration



After Registration
  • Review your registration annually to ensure your company information and certification documents are current
  • Check the Resources for information about local outreach events where you can meet the Kaiser Permanente team



 Current Suppliers

If you are a current Kaiser Permanente Supplier be sure to keep your registration information current and up to date, including uploading your current certifications.

Supplier Registration



Meet the Kaiser Permanente team at events, hosted by the following organizations, to learn more about contract opportunities and our procurement process.

Learn How to Get Paid Faster (California Suppliers Only)

    We are proud to offer California suppliers a resource to simplify the invoicing process. We plan to expand this resource to other regional suppliers at a later time.  Click on the link below for a brief video to learn more. 

Download the Kaiser Permanente Electronic Payment Enrollment Form.

Have accounts-payable issues or inquiries? Please call accounts-payable at 866-858-2226 and simply follow the prompts. You can also reach them by emailing your questions to: KP-AP-Customer@kp.org.

Invoice and Accounts Payable Requirements
In order to facilitate timely and accurate payment of invoices, Kaiser Permanente requires vendors, contractors and suppliers to comply with the Kaiser Permanente Invoice and Accounts Payable Requirements. Failure to follow these requirements may lead to processing delays or the non-payment of invoices.

Participate in our Tier II Program & Reporting

    The Tier II subcontracting program is a component of the National Supplier Diversity Strategy that ensures diverse businesses are afforded the opportunity to do business with us as a subcontractor to our principal suppliers and prime contractors. Our Tier II Program was created to ensure that we maximize contract opportunities for diverse suppliers that provide products and/or services to our Prime suppliers.

    All Suppliers, except those classified as small businesses, that receive contracts in excess of $550,000 ($1M for Construction) may be contacted by Kaiser Permanente’s National Supplier Diversity office to report their Tier II expenditures into Kaiser Permanente’s on-line reporting portal on a quarterly basis.  Click on the link below to enter your Tier II spend.

    Tier II 


    The Tier II program serves as an enhancement to, and not as a replacement for, existing efforts aimed at increasing “direct” (Tier I) opportunities for diverse suppliers. Prime suppliers are expected to mirror Kaiser Permanente’s Supplier Diversity commitment.